Testimonials — Theater Magic 2015

Testimonials for

George Washington Carver:

From Slave to Scientist to Saint

March 2015

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“Your students have great stage presence, especially when waiting through technical difficulties. And, performing, they’re a delight. I love their choral work and the way they pace and emphasize their lines. They taught me a lot about George Washington Carver. I loved the play.” ~Retired Middle School Teacher

“Marvelous! Very well done. Impressive. Each and every one a star!” ~Teacher, Delphi Academy

“Amazing production. We have always enjoyed every play of your school every year. Thank you!!” ~Teacher, Delphi Academy

“Absolutely tremendous, and what a story to tell! Thank you!” ~LWS parent

“Great production. The kids were impressive!” ~Grandparent

“The play was amazing. The coordination, costumes, acting, and dances were great. Thanks, LWS! We asked our children what they felt and learned from this year’s play:

‘Love wins all hearts.’ I try to remember that.’ ~8-year-old.

’George listens to his inner voice and follows it.’ I try to do that in school and soccer.’ ~10-year-old”

~Visiting Parents

“These plays are always inspiring and educational. What a marvelous experience for young people to develop knowledge of the theater, confidence, and self-esteem.” ~ Audience Testimonial

Testimonials from Delphi Students

“Thank you for the great performance. It was so realistic. I had a blast!” ~Neel

“Your play was magnificent! I liked how you put a lot of facts in your play. My class and I really enjoyed it. We also learned a lot. I thought the costumes you used were beautiful! I appreciate the amount of work you put in your play. ~Noele

“You put on a really great show. It was very educational at the same time. I never knew George Washington Carver went from slave to scientist to saint. I also really liked the sayings that he said. I also never knew that George Washington Carver wrote a letter to Booker T. Washington and that a man died because of an angry mob. I also can’t believe five-year-olds were in the play too!” ~Pranav

“The George W. Carver play was amazing. How are you so brave on the stage? I did not want the play to end. George W. Carver rocks! (So do you!)” ~Jaiswal

“The play that you did was very nice. I like how it kept me entertained and learning at the same time.“ ~Tia