All About Academics at Living Wisdom School

HEAD & HEART is a revolutionary new book about educating happy, academically successful kids.

Head & Heart is based on the 40-year experience of the Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto, California, and accurately reflects the experience of Living Wisdom Schools in Nevada City, California, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Head & Heart offers stimulating conversations with the LWS teachers and students, supportive research, and the thoughts of academic authorities on this proven system for educating well-rounded students.

Three ways to read Head & Heart:

  1. Read the chapters online (below).
  2. Download the book as a PDF (Free): Head & Heart (283 pages, 2.8MB).
  3. Order the book on Amazon: $15.95 plus shipping ($5 for Kindle): Head & Heart: How a Balanced Education Nurtures Happy Children Who Excel in Academics and Life. (Proceeds from book sales support our school.)


Read the Chapters Online


Appendix 1. The Living Wisdom School Rules

Appendix 2. The Education for Life Curriculum

Appendix 3. Research that Supports Education for Life