Ten Questions: 5. Do You Give Students a Sense of Meaning?

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Q: Are you trying to give the students an education that will support them with a sense of life’s meaning and joyful possibilities?

Gary: I truly believe that’s exactly what we are doing. When we talk about schools, we naturally think about math, science, and writing. But in our school we broaden the meaning of education. We’re not just about A’s, B’s, and C’s. We not only prepare them for high school Algebra 2 and Geometry, we prepare them for social situations and try to give them the strength and wisdom to navigate the negative aspects of life, such as the temptations of drugs and alcohol, etc.

Children at recess, Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto, California
The Education for Life philosophy gives children a real understanding of positive values that lead to happiness and success. (Click to enlarge.)

We offer them discipline and a natural, nurturing environment — that’ a combination that is extremely helpful in preparing them for life beyond school.

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