Joy-a-thon & Fundraising

LWHS Is Going To Scotland!

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In April 2019, our twelve amazing LWHS students will be going to Inverness, Scotland (Findhorn) to attend an international conference on “Climate Change and Consciousness.” Scientists and other specialists will be leading and attending this conference, and LWHS has been especially invited and honored to attend as well!

Perhaps you have been hearing about the recent UN report on climate change, which certainly clarifies the degree of challenge that we are all facing on this planet. Our LWHS students will be going to this special conference to gain a deeper scientific understanding regarding climate change, as well as the effects that the consciousness of mankind may have on that, for better or worse. After doing some research and having in-depth discussions with local guest speaker-specialists on this subject, our students will be preparing a presentation of their own to share at the conference, representing the youth of the world.

Ultimately, the focus of our participation will be to explore possible ways that we can be a part of the solution. After our return, our students will go to local schools to make presentations on climate change and to encourage other students to also be a part of the solution. In this way, we will be involved in a significant service project, perhaps touching hundreds or thousands of others.

The JOY-A-THON: November 3rd

Thank you all for a joyful and successful Joy-a-thon! We had over 80 people show up and raised enough funds to purchase flights for the group. Photos to come.

Naturally, there will be considerable expense involved in this trip, including for travel, a brief stay in Edinburgh, conference fees, food, and camping as we travel into the highlands of Scotland.

A joy-a-thon (also known as a jog-a-thon) is one way that our LWHS schools have traditionally fundraised for our international service and adventure trips. Our Joy-a-Thon took place at the Cubberley Community Center running track on November 3. During that time, many students from LWS and LWHS walked or jogged around the 440-yard track (adults also participated!).

There is a saying that many of us know and have experienced directly: MANY HANDS MAKE A MIRACLE! We are still working to fundraise for this event, so if you feel inspired to contribute to this important cause, Click here to support this event.