Is Living Wisdom High School Accredited?

Not yet, but soon. Because we are a new private high school school in California, we must go through a process of accreditation.

Our sister school, Living Wisdom High School in Nevada County, has already received full WASC accreditation, an accomplishment that greatly facilitates our accreditation process as well. WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is the professional organization that certifies private schools in California.

Per WASC, any student graduating beginning spring 2019 will receive the official stamp of WASC accreditation on their LWHS transcript.

Our calendar with WASC:

Spring 2018    

The accreditation process begins during our first academic year

Fall 2018        

WASC initial visit

January 2019    

Accreditation status received

Observations of officials supervising the accreditation process for the Nevada County Living Wisdom High School:

“If you could put what you are doing in the public schools, it would change the world.”

—School Superintendent at initial accreditation visit

“This school is the best kept secret In Northern California.”

—WASC official at renewal visit