Homework Policy

In 2013, a Stanford University study found  “that students in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework experience more stress, physical and mental health issues, a lack of balance in their lives, and alienation from society.”

The focus at LWHS is on joyful, motivated learning, supportive connections with teachers and friends, and dynamic personal growth and development. This is the formula for great success and happiness — in the world of academics, relationships, in one’s professional life. We create a learning environment where students are empowered, supported and motivated to become independent learners.

Rather than being given lengthy assignments for completion at home, the students and mentors together create a weekly Personalized Learning Plan and schedule, including learning objectives and completion timelines for each subject area. We also assist the students in developing a sense of personal responsibility for their learning and homework, along with efficient, independent study skills.

Students will be given individual work time during each day (Independent Study Block), used to work on their assignments. In this way, the requirement for extra hours of homework may be much reduced or completely eliminated, although students may sometimes choose to complete extra work at home, or to work on special projects. However, if they don’t adequately focus during school hours to meet their learning objectives, completion of their assignments will require focused study time at home.

Overall, LWHS respects and encourages students to complete their studies at school and to have opportunity in the evenings for quality time with their families, friends and rewarding hobbies, all of which is truly beneficial in so many ways.