Education for Life

Timeless Teachings for a Changing World

“There are few things I can recommend without any reservation. Living Wisdom School is one of them. It is the best-kept secret in Palo Alto. I cannot say enough good things about this school. The teachers know every child and their need in a deep way. Our son is consistently 1-2 years ahead of grade level. At the same time, in areas he needs help, he gets intensive and dedicated support.

“They teach a philosophy of kindness, love, and emotional honesty that is rare today. The children are taught yoga, meditation, and kindness. The teachers practice what they preach and live this approach in the classroom.

“If you want to raise an independent, kind, self-aware child – you owe it to yourself to look at Living Wisdom.” — Ben R., Palo Alto, CA

Preparing Young People for a Life of Outward Success and Inner Fulfillment

How do we respond to change? How well do we learn new skills? Can we work successfully with many different types of people?

The epidemic of anxiety in young people has been widely reported by professionals. But it’s no secret to parents today. Why are more American teenagers than ever suffering from severe anxiety? New York Times, Oct 11, 2017

High-pressure schooling, high expectations, and a loss of meaning are among the many contributors.

The True Meaning of Success

Along with academic excellence, we coach and cultivate students in personal qualities that prepare them to meet challenges and new realities in creative, positive ways. We directly address the root causes of anxiety and depression that many teens experience through our educational approach and one-on-one support through the high school experience.

We help students realize that a successful life is more than just a successful career. A happy marriage, loving friendships, meaningful influence on the lives of others…these rare skills bring immeasurable happiness and depth to life.

Life is made up of relationships with others, health and physical well-being, our interactions with the world around us, our challenges and pleasures, the attitudes with which we guide ourselves, and our abilities to strive for that which will bring us success, lasting happiness and fulfillment.

These attitudes are best developed when we are young, and will greatly enhance the quality of our lives as adults. An education that addresses all of those realities is one that will positively prepare students for the future. This is why we call this the “Education for Life” approach.

Fostering the expansion of uplifting qualities, positive attitudes, practical skills, and academic mastery is done through an evolved curricula comprised of six different areas, each of which leads to the development of essential knowledge, skills, qualities, and attitudes that are inherent in happy, fulfilled, successful people. Particular emphasis is given to self-awareness and skills in self-mastery — gifts that bring a lifetime of success, inside and out.

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Our History

We are the newest member of a family of Living Wisdom Schools founded 1972 in northern California. Living Wisdom Schools can be found in Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Nevada City, CA; Palo Alto, CA; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Assisi, Italy. Our sister K-8 school has 24 years of success in Palo Alto with its graduates going on to top colleges and universities. We are deeply rooted in the Education for Life approach to pedagogy and curricula.