Adventures in Scotland

Our Scotland Adventure Trip includes attendance at the international conference, Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth, in April 2019.

We will, of course, enjoy many other Highland Adventures!

Greetings Parents, Students, and LWHS Friends,

Teens have need of special adventures and of meaningful causes to work for, especially with other teens. Putting all of this together, our LWHS students will be going to Scotland to participate in an immensely important conference, one that will have a tremendous impact on their lives and on the lives of numerous others.

The Climate Change & Consciousness conference is an international, inter-generational, multi-disciplinary gathering, bringing together eminent scientists, business people, activists, artists, and young people to explore, engage, and find solutions.

Our Living Wisdom High School students have the distinction of being the first of several teen groups to be invited to this conference. The conference theme will be integrated into our studies throughout the coming year, as students research, discuss, invite local experts to our school, and share insights with others. Most importantly, through the overall experience, they will come to understand how we, as stewards of this planet, can and must be a part of the solution.

When we return from the conference, our LWHS students will go to other local schools to share about how they too can also become part of the climate-change solution.

We hope you can join us in this adventure,

Kabir MacDow, Principal

Trip Details

April 13th-30th, 2019

• Edinburgh
• Cairngorms National Park
• Inverness
• Findhorn Community
• Orkney Islands
• Service
• Adventure
• Self-discovery
• Excellence
• Creativity
• Leadership

The Itinerary

Our first stop will be the beautiful, historic city of Edinburgh, where students will spend a few days exploring the sites, adjusting to a new place and time zone, and having fun together. After, we’ll take two days to journey further up into the highlands.

Cairngorms National Park

While heading North, the group will spend a day or two camping in the exquisite Cairngorms National Park. The park holds trails, lakes, wildlife, mountains, meadows and all the wonders of the Scottish Highlands.

The journey continues in the famous town of Inverness where the group will see ancient castles, relax by the water, and try to spot the legendary Loch Ness Monster!

Findhorn Community

Our conference will be held in this amazing, innovative community. We’ll also have time to tour and explore the many special aspects of life there. Learn more about the Climate Change and Consciousness Conference.

Orkney Islands

Following the conference, we’ll take a ferry trip across to the stunning Orkney Islands, where thousands of years of history remain intact. Finally, we’ll drive back down to Edinburgh, to begin the journey home, taking our life-changing memories with us.

Why Service Adventure Trips?

Travel opens doors outwardly and inwardly, expanding one’s perspective, one’s knowledge of the world and one’s inner self. For teens, experiencing new cultures can ignite a spark for service to others, for exploration, and for taking charge of one’s life. Living Wisdom High School alumni all emphasize the life-changing impact made through their experience of travel and service. Through LWHS, students have traveled to Peru, India, Italy, Canada, Panama, Hawaii, Mexico, Hong Kong, Nepal, and South Africa. And now it’s time for Scotland!

Not only will this adventure offer a way to explore new possibilities, but it will also be a time for developing existing interests and qualities. Students may discover a deep enthusiasm or inspiration that could direct their life’s focus. They might also achieve inner success by overcoming a long-held limitation or cultivating a new quality.

Whatever the specifics, growth happens both outwardly and inwardly on these amazing trips. Comfort zones expand to encompass more than could previously be imagined. Old selves are inspired to embrace more fully one’s highest potentials. These trips are jewels in the LWHS experience.

Students — prepare for and experience a journey that is transformative, joyful, adventurous, heart-opening, eye-opening, and utterly priceless!