Is Your Teen Thriving?

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With Living Wisdom High School, you don’t have to choose between strong academics and your teen’s well-being and happiness. For 45 years, we’ve helped young people succeed academically as whole persons equipped with the skills to be successful and fulfilled throughout their lives.

  • Individualized learning that builds upon each student’s unique strengths
  • Small classes with individual mentoring
  • Teachers with a deep commitment to gaining an in-depth understanding of each student: their unique needs and aspirations
  • Engaging travel and outdoor adventures, nature challenges, and service projects
  • A demonstrated record of academic excellence and high student achievement
  • Team-building and group projects that develop communication skills, friendships, and mature appreciation for the realities of others
  • Self-discovery through daily meditation and yoga
  • Meaningful projects that make a real impact in the world and develop personal effectiveness, leadership, and presence

Our Approach

Living Wisdom High School offers students a true Education for Life, structured around optimizing the individual student’s growth and development. We offer personalized learning experiences that enable students to achieve academic excellence while building meaningful connections with others and preparing for life’s challenges by developing the ability to find creative solutions, experiencing the joy of serving others, engaging in character-building adventures, and discovering their own unique, self-confident identity. Learn more about Education for Life and Living Wisdom School. And download our LWHS Complete Information Packet.

“The work you do with the teens on a daily basis is so meaningful for them, helping them grow internally and learn who they are—especially during the turbulent adolescent years.”
— Palo Alto Physician