Head & Heart Appendix 1: Living Wisdom School Rules

LWS rules 8.5x11Enjoy yourself. Discover that true happiness includes the happiness of others on their long journey to awareness of the unity of all things.

Practice kindness. Learn to practice kindness with one another and to recognize that in doing so you help create a loving and safe atmosphere.

Choose happiness. Learn that you have the power to choose how you will respond to life’s challenges. Learn to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Learn to control your moods and raise your energy to meet difficulties that arise.

Be a loving friend to everyone—both children and teachers. Play together across the grades. Enjoy helping younger children. Share your knowledge and receive it from others—both students and teachers.

Laugh often. Laughter and lively exchanges in the classroom help make learning a joyful process.

Be a life-long learner. Discover the love and joy of learning for its own sake.

Trust yourself. Learn to consult your own knowledge and intuition rather than succumb to peer pressure as you confront life’s challenges.

Use your will to create good energy. Prize perseverance and courage in the face of challenges. Embrace life moment to moment in the lessons learned, songs sung, plays performed, etc.

Find the joy within. Become aware that happiness resides within, not without. Learn to use the breath to center and calm yourself. Look to the lives of the saints and sages of all religions as models in your search for true happiness.