Two children with arms raised at Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto, CaliforniaWe help the children cultivate an inner life, respecting and supporting their intuitive awakening to a greater reality.

By studying the lives of great people, the children learn about the potential for greatness in themselves.

Parent to Parent:

“The children learn to connect with the spirit within, and to find answers within themselves, instead of looking to the world outside to tell them what to do, or to make them okay. The teachers help the children figure out what is going on inside themselves, instead of ignoring it.”

“You never see a child at the Living Wisdom School trying to be somebody else in order to be loved and accepted.”

“There is so much materialism in our society, it is easy to get caught on the surface of things. At Living Wisdom School, they go beneath all that with the children.”

“I think all children have questions about God. Through Living Wisdom School my daughter is having a very direct experience of God through many different avenues and traditions–experiences which make it all very real to her.”

“The Living Wisdom School gives children the one thing they need above all: a spiritual foundation, something deeper for them to rely on, no matter what may happen to them later in life.”

“My children have learned that God is an everyday part of living–not just a Sunday experience. An awareness of God makes everything happen on a higher tone. Even the school rules reinforce an awareness of a higher power, which brings out the best in all of us.”

“I’m not very religious myself, and I find the way they do it in the school to be an ideal way for my children to learn about spirituality. They are absorbing wonderful lessons.”

“My husband is from India, and aspects of that heritage are part of Living Wisdom School. This is a big plus for us that we couldn’t find anywhere else.”

“My daughter, all on her own, put an altar in her room. She made it herself and changes it according to her mood. Right now it has on it pieces of colored class, a little bear, a feather–nothing identifiably religious, just her own special icons. But she seems to understand that altar as a way of focusing her energy and appreciating and loving the world around her.”

“Spirituality forms a kind of background to everything. They really appreciate that everyone has to grow into it in their own way. It’s very balanced.”

“Mom, it feels so peaceful.” — First-grade boy describing Living Wisdom School.

“Children develop an inner source of strength that they can draw on always. They get to discover who they really are.”