“Mom — I Love School!”

Our parents hear these happy words often – and so can you. Parents seeking the best school for their child generally give first priority to academic excellence. At the same time, they value a school where the children enjoy learning. Too often, these goals appear to be in conflict. But at Living Wisdom School, academic excellence and joy go hand in hand.

Watch an inspiring six-minute video about our school:

childrenFor more than 50 years, the Living Wisdom Schools have helped children thrive academically and personally. Our success is based on a proven principle: children who are happy and confident approach learning with enthusiasm. Children who feel respected, included, and safe can enjoy the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum, delivered in an expansive spirit of joyful adventure.

Parents occasionally ask us, “Will my child be able to perform well when s/he goes out into the real world?” Our commitment to teaching life skills such as collaboration and conflict resolution gives our students the skills they need to face life in an authentic way.

Our graduates demonstrate impressive poise, compassion, and inner strength. They know how to laugh, they trust themselves, they practice kindness, and are lifelong learners.

Watch Mariah, Shubha, and Kieran deliver their graduation speeches.

For a full description of Education for Life and Living Wisdom School, see What Makes Living Wisdom School Unique? And for advice on what to look for when choosing a private school, download our Guide to Choosing the Best School for Your Child. Living Wisdom School currently includes grades K to 8. The teacher-student ratio is 1 to 9. Tuition ranges from $26,900(K to fifth grade) to $28,600 (sixth to eighth grade). (Details, including Sibling Discounts.) Call us today or use the Contact Form — we’ll be happy to answer your questions, send you an LWS brochure, and offer you a guided tour of our school: (650) 462-8150.


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Head & Heart tells all about academics, personal growth, and the happy learning environment at Living Wisdom School. An important book for parents and educators everywhere. Follow this link to browse the chapters, download a PDF, or order a paperback or Kindle copy on Amazon (283 pages, $15.95).

Our second book reveals evidence from brain science, elite universities, top-tier companies, and our students’ own grades and school experiences that confirms the value of a balanced education that nurtures children’s hearts and minds. Follow this link to read the chapters, download a PDF, or purchase a Kindle or paperback copy on Amazon (167 pages, $15.95).
Happiness & Success in High School explains why a balanced, highly individualized curriculum that includes educating the students’ hearts as well as their minds nurtures highly engaged, happy learners who perform brilliantly in high school and beyond. Click the image to view the paperback book on Amazon (239 pages, $19.95). Or visit the website of Living Wisdom High School to read the chapters online.