Theater Magic — Testimonials from the Audiences

A New Tomorrow:The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

March 2006

Flyer for A New Tomorrow: The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr., a Theater Magic Production by Living Wisdom School
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A very good quality production—a real pleasure to see kids performing…very moving and complete enough to give even younger audiences a good understanding of the material. (Visiting school parent)

The production is stunning. The content is well planned and executed, and you’ve got to love that all the children are involved! (Visiting school parent)

Good role modeling. (Visiting school teacher)

We would come again. This was a powerful, educational performance. Civil rights is a large part of our fifth grade curriculum. (Visiting school parent)

I was a black child growing up when all of this happened. I didn’t know what to expect, but you presented it the way it really was. It really moved me. (Bus driver from a visiting school)

I loved the fact that you represented race by costume. The children who played black people could really get a feel for what it means to be black. I especially loved it that some of the actors played both black and white people at different times in the play. Because I grew up black, I can say that you really got the feeling of it right. ( Palo Alto resident)

I have been on many fieldtrips with our children from Mulberry. This is the best field trip I have been on. I still get goose bumps from last year’s production. (Visiting school parent)

I came because of the subject matter and the reputation of your plays. Your students put on a good quality performance. It was moving. (Visiting school parent )

To see all those children focus in a way to produce something so great is inspiring. We loved it! (LWS parent)

We are so proud of our kids and all of you…we can hardly stand it. I had five guests, and they are all in awe of what was produced in that room. I loved the simple costumes and set. I also loved that some kids said, “Line!” when they forgot and didn’t lose their composure. That shows to me that they feel supported and are not fast to be self critical or embarrassed…a hard lesson if you don’t get it early. Bravo! (LWS parent)

We were blown away by your production…You all have achieved a remarkable community… There was such a wonderful mix of recitations, videos and recordings. It will be life transforming for your students…amazing that you do this annually. It was a privilege to be part of your dynamic community. I adore your class rules. We should all live that way!!” ( Palo Alto resident)

The play was absolutely wonderful. We spent our morning coffee reviewing all the details. We loved every minute….It was completely fun and engaging. What a wonderful treat. We’re all ready to mark our calendars for next year. (Professor of Education, Mills College )

How lucky all of those darling students are to have such incredible, wonderful, adults in their lives. I’m writing about teacher presence. If ever there were such a thing, it’s right there at your little heavenly school. (Professor of Education, Mills College)


Kuan Yin: She Who Hears the Cries of the World
March 2005

Girls perform dance during the Theater Magic production "Kuan Yin: She Who Hears the Cries of the World"
Students perform dance during the Theater Magic production “Kuan Yin: She Who Hears the Cries of the World”

We received the following testimonials from teachers and parents of students from seven public and private schools on the San Francisco Peninsula who attended the Kuan Yin performances. In addition to the regular audience, more than 250 visiting school children, parents, and teachers saw the play (the number grows each year as word spreads).

I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given our students to experience the arts and Eastern thought.”

Great show! It’s unbelievable that all the children from kindergarten through eighth grade participated…and such positive themes in this day and age…! Your creative portrayal of conflict is uplifting.”

“The fact that it is performed by children is wonderful. The play itself is full of action, and the costumes and set are amazing.”

“The play fit in perfectly with our International Baccalaureate Program.”

“It is beautiful and very well done. I love the words of wisdom.”

“A wonderful, incredible, worthwhile performance! I loved the universal spiritual truths!”

“Great for world religion courses in public schools.”

“Great for humanities courses.”

“Our sixth grade students recently studied Asia. Also our school values diversity and tries to expose the children to arts from around the world. This was a wonderful experience, and our students enjoyed and learned from the production.”

“It is both a cultural experience for students to see such a play…and the atmosphere is so friendly.”

“What an incredible performance. It held all of our attention…the best school theater I’ve seen.”

“A painless way to impress philosophy on children.”

“Your productions are beautiful and FULL of meaning.”

“We are always looking for diverse cultural activities.”