Ten Questions: 8. What About Math?

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Parents are concerned that their child get a good education in math and science. Does math strike more directly toward the intellect, and require different teaching methods?

Math team teacher Gary McSweeney helps a student understand a concept at Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto, California

Individual instruction means every LWS student graduates with a strong grasp of math concepts. At LWS, we don’t merely “teach to the test.” (Click to enlarge.)

Helen: It’s a great strength of the school that we can individualize instruction. It would be much harder with a class of 25-35 students. It’s a question parents often ask — how do you meet the needs of children who are academically different? In math especially, if a child has a talent, they can go as far and fast as they want in our school, as long as they show mastery. But we can still keep them with their social group.

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