Children develop self-confidence through kindness and supportiveMiddle-school boy at Living Wisdom School, Palo Alto, CA guidance. An excellent academic program, combined with attention to the individual child’s emotional needs, fosters exceptional and joyful learning.

Parent to Parent:

“My son’s teachers have demanded–and received from him–a level of excellence far beyond even what I expected. And they’ve done it without ever making school into a pressure cooker. He’s had fun all the way — six years now. His self-esteem is so high. Recently I had to drop him off alone at the first day of baseball practice. There were dozens of people, adults and kids standing around, and he didn’t know a single one of them, but he just jumped out of the car and walked right into it without even glancing back at me.”

“My children are completely comfortable at school, they are not afraid at all. In fact, since going to Living Wisdom School, they have developed such self-confidence they are not afraid of any new situation.”

“My child feels really secure. She knows no one is judging her, so she’s not afraid to try new things.”

“The kindergarten put on an improvisational dance program. All the other kids in the school were in the audience with the kindergarten parents. Afterwards, there was an all-school circle on the stage, and everyone was singing. I looked at the children’s faces, and they were so happy and so content. Later, I tried to explain it to the people in my office, but I couldn’t find words for it. I just knew my kids were loved and cared for, that all the children there were loved and cared for, and that I could never find a better place for my children.”

“The teachers are very positive. They see only the best in each child and endeavor to nourish that special part. Each Living Wisdom School teacher is on a spiritual path which includes meditation. The teachers have a wonderful clarity and joy which they infuse into our children daily.”

“My daughter can be herself at Living Wisdom School. When she was at public school I felt she was trying so hard to find out who she was supposed to be that she missed noticing who she actually is.”

“The children get so much love, they feel safe to be themselves. Then anything can happen: learning, growing, they are just wide open. They have so much self-assurance, so much confidence in their abilities, they can learn anything!”