Joyful Attitudes

FROM THE EARLIEST GRADES, we try to help children learn to be inyoung girls smiling, living wisdom school, palo alto, california charge of their happiness. Many age-appropriate classroom practices are specifically designed to help children become aware of the choices they make, and the consequences of those choices. Thus they learn from their own experiences, rather than through dogma or punishment.

Parent to Parent

“The children are held accountable for their actions, but in a very kind and positive way. The teachers direct the classroom by bringing out the positive in everything, even in difficult situations. It is very clear to the children what is expected of them.”

“Children at Living Wisdom School have the greatest opportunity for learning about life and about themselves: how to have self-esteem, and a loving foundation that gives them the freedom to do whatever they want in their lives. They learn about life, not just about academics.”

“Look at the school rules. They reflect the entire basis of the school. ‘Practice kindness.’ ‘Choose happiness.’ To me, that says it all.”

“Living Wisdom School instills values in children that are sorely lacking in today’s educational environments.”

“I know most people in this area are extremely concerned about academics, but I consider the beautiful academic program as just a bonus on top of all the others things the Living Wisdom School gives my children.”

“Children at Living Wisdom School develop an underlying sense of self-confidence, no matter what level of skill they operate on. Enthusiasm and self-confidence, this is what you need for your whole life. So often, when children go to school they lose these qualities. Living Wisdom School makes them stronger.

“My daughter has learned at school that she has the power within herself to make herself feel better. When she gets upset now, she often, all on her own, goes to her room, puts on a tape of music she got from the Living Wisdom School, and stays in there for fifteen minutes or an hour, whatever it takes for her to calm herself down and get centered. Then she comes out again. This is very impressive for a child of six. When I tell other parents, whose kids don’t go to Living Wisdom School, they are amazed that there is a school that teaches children such valuable lessons.”

“My daughter is learning at school to approach life with joy, love, kindness, and a positive attitude. We see the changes in her quite clearly. The love and joy she brings home seems to have an uplifting effect on us parents, too. If we ever have to move out of the area, we will only go to a place where there is another Living Wisdom School!”