Appendix 2: Education for Life and the Living Wisdom Schools

As of this writing in mid-2022, there are six thriving Education for Life Schools in Palo Alto and Nevada City, California; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Assisi, Italy.

(You can find brief descriptions of the schools online at this page:

The term “Living Wisdom School” refers to schools that follow the Education for Life philosophy, and that were founded under the auspices of Ananda Sangha. (The first school was started at Ananda Village in 1972.)

Thanks to the success of the Living Wisdom Schools, the good news about this inspiring broad-spectrum approach to academic excellence has spread to organizations that have started, or plan to start their own schools that will be based on the Education for Life philosophy and methods, but that will not be formally associated with Ananda. These schools can generally be referred to as “Education for Life Schools,” but they are not, strictly speaking, Living Wisdom Schools.

Because this book is based on the experience of the original schools, the terms “Living Wisdom School” and “LWS” are used throughout.

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